Stress Nausea: Why It Happens and How To Deal

Have you ever been so stressed that you felt nauseated or even threw up? Turns out, stress-induced nausea is a real thing. Our family medicine specialist shares effective ways of dealing with — and avoiding — stress nausea.

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What Ambiguous Loss Is and How To Deal With It

In its simplest sense, “ambiguous loss” refers to loss without closure. And today, the term has never been more relevant, as we all continue grappling with the ways the COVID-19 pandemic has upended our lives. But you don’t have to be alone in your grief.

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What Is Mindful Eating?

Do you find yourself mindlessly munching on snacks when you’re binge-watching a TV show? Mindful eating can turn that bad habit into a healthy one.

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How Does Huntington’s Disease Affect Work?

If you’ve been diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, you don’t need to leave your job right away. Keeping in close contact with your doctor, and addressing symptoms as they come up, will help you make the best decision about employment for your health and future.

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How To Cope With Huntington’s Disease

Taking care of your health after being diagnosed with Huntington’s disease is a team effort. You can work with your care team to put together a plan to manage your mental health and physical symptoms, and find a support group.

Huntington's Disease, mental health, anxiety, coping with Huntington's Disease